Study opportunities for Erasmus students

The duration of the medical curriculum in Germany is 12 semesters (6 years). It consists of two parts: the first part (3 years), followed by a 2-year part, and then a "Practical Year", which is entirely spent on the ward.

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Study opportunities for Erasmus students

Medical students are trained in the model curriculum at the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin, in which ERASMUS students are enrolled too. The main features are early patient contact and a modular structure.

You can find detailed information in the Study Guide for International Students (see below).

Study Guide for ERASMUS Students

Study Guide (available soon)

We are currently updating the Guide and uploading it as soon as possible. We kindly ask for your understanding and your patience.

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Deadline for Erasmus applications

Deadline for Erasmus applications: 1st June for the whole academic year (winter and summer term)