Staff Exchange for Teaching or Training

The most successful mobility program in Europe does not only offer exchange opportunities for students, but also supports the staff exchange of employees in the fields of teaching, research, patient care and administration.

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Why should you consider Erasmus Staff Exchange?

This is how you personally will benefit from the exchange:

  • Develop your professional skills
  • Expand your professional network and exchange Expertise
  • Improve your language and intercultural skills
  • Increase your job satisfaction.

Subsequently, your superior benefits from your professional development because you:

  • Gain additional technical skills and professional competence
  • are connected internationally
  • Feel more at ease communicating in a foreign language and interacting with international colleagues, staff or patients
  • Are motivated and enthusiastic about your job.

This exchange is funded by EU grants including a generous daily allowance and travel expenses.

How does it work?

There are two types of  Staff Exchange:

  • with teaching duties “Lehrverpflichtigungen STA – Lehre/Forschung”
  • without teaching duties “STT – MitarbeiterInnen”.

Examples of supported activities include:

  • Job shadowing or sabbaticals
  • Developing research cooperation
  • Developing your clinical or other professional competencies
  • Language Courses
  • Participation in so called “Staff Weeks” – events organized by Universities across Europe usually focused on particular Topics.

The length of stay ranges between 2 days to 6 months, with the possibility of extensions. Funding includes travel expenses and a daily allowance. Detailed information is available at the Humboldt University Website (Lehre/Forschung, Mitarbeiterinnen) or the Freie University Website (Lehre/Forschung, Mitarbeiterinnen), the two universities through which the Erasmus exchange is formally handled.

Erasmus Worldwide

The program “Erasmus Worldwide” opens up additional countries outside of the EU to you, with which stays at selected partner institutions are possible.  Further information is available from the websites of the Humboldt University and the Freie University.